meet lola

This is Lola. She is my new best friend. She goes with me a lot of places. My sister gave her to me as a Christmas gift. I was carrying around my camera and lenses in a bag that was much too small. I had to wrap one of the lenses in diaper to keep it safe. It was time for an upgrade. I’ve had my eye on this beauty for a while and was like a giddy little girl awaiting its arrival. She is an Epiphan!e bag. I believe my sister had a good experience with this company in terms of customer service, timely responses and delivery. I love, not only the outside and it’s purselike look, but the functionality of the inside. It holds my camera body, two lenses, flash (in it’s case), battery charger, extra battery and I still have room for more. I can move the dividers around so it fits to my equipment. I highly recommend you check out to see what other bags they have.

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