long summer days


One thing the Northwest summers make up for that they lack in winter is the LONG summer days. The sun stays out well past bedtime. To say I’m excited about these nights with my family is an understatement. We got a taste of these nights last night. The kids were playing with this huge box inside…the phrase “take it outside” has now entered back into our vocabulary. It seems as though time gets lost on nights like this and I’m ok with that.  Add in some good friends, more family, campfires, ‘smores and the warmth and I may never actually be in my house. What about you? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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Awakening A Sleeping Giant

I love being a creative. It’s something that I have pushed aside for some time. I’m not really sure where it went, or why it went away? Being creative can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I’m sure it had to do with raising two young kids and barely being able to breath some days.  I feel as though the foggy days of having babies and toddlers has lifted and I see the world a bit more creatively now. I have more time to day dream. I have more time to get my hands dirty with paint and not just diapers. My photography website and personal blog has been limping along. I’ve tried to bring it alive here and there with a new logo or color scheme, but it didn’t change what was going inside of me. I’ve had a few good heart to hearts with myself about where I want to take my creativity. I have Lindsay Letters to thank for bringing what has been in my head all of these years to life. She created my website design and I couldn’t be more thankful that I found it. Her work is truly extraordinary! Seeing her work awakens something in me that has been asleep for way too long. Thank you for everyone who has limped along with me!

If you look around the WEBSITE you will find a few new things. Allow me to introduce you to them. Click on the links to learn more from the distributors themselves.

Snap Happy: offering classes to mothers who want to learn how to use their camera to take better photographs of their children.

PhotoBarn: photos printed on wood or burlap

Organic Bloom: unique, custom made frames

In home service: need help deciding how and where to hang your new photographs? We’ll help and even hang your products for you.

Video: Let us spend a few hours with your children/family filming and photographing to create memories that will come alive.

Studio: Our studio space is in the process of being built, but that isn’t stopping us from offering it to you as an option for your session.

Have fun looking around. I hope you like what you see. Can’t wait to hear from you to begin planning a photo session together!


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