high five for friday!

It’s Friday!! I don’t know why I still get so excited about Fridays. My husband works on Saturdays and some Sunday mornings so my weekends really begin at noon on Sundays. Nonetheless Fridays are a great day for me to reflect on the past week and share what has made me smile. I missed last week because I was in Cincinnati celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday, so I’ve got a lot to share today.


1. Being able to fly back to Cincinnati to be with my family.


2. My kids getting to play (and relax) at my childhood home.


3. Food! Glorious Food. All diet rules went out the window this week. I ate Skyline, Penn Station, Graeter's, Dewey's. I'm paying for it now, but it was oh so worth it!


4. Kids getting to see their aunts and uncles. Bummed I didn't get a picture of Sarah and Ethan.




6. Kids getting more comfortable in the water. By the end of the week Soren had his vest off and would try to swim in the hot tub. So proud of my boy!


7. Happy Birthday Dad!


8. Cousins going to the Cincinnati Zoo.

9. Playing at the Clippards house. So many childhood memories for me at this house.


10. Upon landing in Seattle I received a text saying my sister-in-law was in labor. Later that day my sweet little nephew was born. He is SO cute!

11. My mom flew back with me since Sam had to leave Cincinnati early. It’s been great to have her here.

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