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Dear Evalyn: Age 3


Dear Evalyn

Happy Birthday to you. Today you are turning 3!

My how you have changed in the last year and what a fun year it has been. You went to Disney Land for the first time,  joined ballet and performed in a dance recital. You’ve put your feet in the sand on the beaches of Marrowstone Island and the Bahamas. You’ve camped under the stars and moved into a big girl bed.

You are compassionate. You seek out those you hear crying. You ask Soren “are you ok buddy?” You don’t like seeing me sad and you say “I will make you happy.”

You are neat and orderly. You get a little anxious when you see a mess or things that are out of order.

You are my little helper, always willing to be a part of getting things done.

You are impatient, but in this world of immediate gratification, I don’t blame you.

You can hold your own and stand your ground.

You randomly give hugs and say I love you. That will always make my day.  You are generous with kisses.

You love your brother. He is a leader and you are a follower and it works out well for you two.

I pray that you will follow the right crowd in life and that your strength will allow you to lead when necessary.

You are goofy and have a silly personality. You laugh the most at night and it’s the best way to end the day with you.

You still love to be carried everywhere.

Your hair. When you look back at pictures and notice your wild hair, please know I try every day to put it in pigtails, tame it down or add a bow. You want nothing to do with it. Nothing.

You love to play dress up, especially with your “girlfriends.”

You love to ride your bike.

You are shy at first. There is something very endearing about that.

Eva, you are the light and joy of my life. You light up a room with your personality and melt people with your sweet words and big hugs.

You are a true blessing to our family. We love you!



Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge: Shallow Depth of Field

This months Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge is all about shallow depth of field. I’m sure you can tell by my style, that I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures with good shallow depth of field. Sometimes it gets the best of me and I can’t get the images focused well because my aperture is so high. For whatever reason I chose to take pictures of the chickens for this challenge, and yes it was a challenge. I wanted to capture the details of the chickens like their feathers and feet, but they just wouldn’t sit still. To see how the other photographers in the circle interpreted this months challenge continue over to Michelle Hrin’s post.


Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge: Beautiful Ugly

This months Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge was to find the beautiful in ugly things. I kept putting this challenge off, waiting for something ugly to jump out at me as beautiful. That never happened. I decided to walk around the house and just begin taking pictures. As I photographed I realized there is a story behind every  mess.There lies the beauty. The stories that created these messes are what I will remember, yet I would never think to photograph them. What ugly things around your home hold beautiful stories? Continue on to LaShawns post to see her take on Beautiful Ugly.


A pile of dead flowers left on the deck. Leftover from a day working in the sun. My son was anxious to help. He told me while trimming this plant that I was a cool mom. He wants to spend time with me. He wants to help in his own way.


A vase full of flowers as a welcome home surprise. It means someone has keys to our home. Someone is welcome at any time. They want to bring us joy. A reminder we are loved and well cared for.


Friends gathered around our table. Good conversations were had. Laughter was shared. God’s work was celebrated. Hopes and dreams were revealed. Chocolate was consumed.

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