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long summer days


One thing the Northwest summers make up for that they lack in winter is the LONG summer days. The sun stays out well past bedtime. To say I’m excited about these nights with my family is an understatement. We got a taste of these nights last night. The kids were playing with this huge box inside…the phrase “take it outside” has now entered back into our vocabulary. It seems as though time gets lost on nights like this and I’m ok with that.  Add in some good friends, more family, campfires, ‘smores and the warmth and I may never actually be in my house. What about you? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge: Mobile Phone

This months Clickin’ Moms challenge was all about mobile phone photography. I may have cheated the actual challenge by not setting out to take an amazing picture with my phone in the month of July. I thought I’d put together a collection of photos from when I really started taking pictures with my phone. I have a love hate relationship with mobile phone photography. It’s so convenient, yet as a photographer it keeps me from dragging around my actual DSLR and taking that opportunity to continue to learn and grow. Sometimes I can’t just enjoy a moment, I have to be capturing it with my phone and then I spend time adding filters and fun text, again taking away from just being in the moment. But I love it at the same time. I can snap  a picture of a room in my home and text it to a friend to ask them for decorating advice. I can show my husband all the crazy things my kids got into that day. I can stitch together a series of pictures. My phone has captured birthdays, friends, silly moments, frustrating ones, questions, food and drinks. Putting this collection together has been fun for me to see how my style and technology have advanced over the last few years.  To see more from out circle of photographers check out LaShawn’s view of life through her cellphone. 

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