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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope it has been a good week for you.

Let’s link up with Lauren and the others celebrating Friday.

1. This little gadget is the Fit Bit Activity Tracker. I clip it my pocket and it tracks my steps, calories burned and distance. It wirelessly syncs to my iPhone app or online account to show my progress throughout the day or week. I have also started tracking my water intake. I NEVER drink water. Yes, I know it’s terrible. So if a little device/app helps me to drink more water, I’ll do it. Next product I would love to get is the Fit Bit Scale. You can purchase the tracker on Amazon or visit their website

2. I’ve just discovered this band, Rend Collective Experiment. If you like Mumford & Sons, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this album, Campfire.


3. Soren had a field trip to the local Fire Department. Eva spent the day with grandma and grandpa so Soren and I could spend the day together. We hiked some trails and went out for lunch. It was a great day.


4. I finally found some chairs for our bedroom. This has been the last room we’ve even thought about decorating. So when Sam went up to Whistler last weekend I spent my time at home painting and decorating.


5. Got to spend a little time with this lovely lady on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday everyone. It’s a gorgeous February day today. I see blue skies!!

Sorry for my lack of postings lately. February is usually one of the craziest months for us. Between family in town and Soren’s birthday there seems to be a lot of action around here. Not that I am complaining. I love it!

So since I missed the last two weeks I’ll just do a picture share today from this last week. Soren turned 5 and we had little celebrations throughout the day. But the big family party is this Sunday. Anyone have any suggestions how I can make an elk head cake? If you follow my instagram feed then you saw my sad attempt at elk cake pops.

Donut cake.

Swedish pancakes.

Remember this picture from my instagram (linn33) feed? It’s a drawing Soren did of a goose with headphones on! My sister asked for the digital file and turned it into….

…this t-shirt!! What a great idea. I absolutely love it!

Window markers.


Addressing his valentines.

Eva and her first Valentine. I heard Deklan in this moment say so sweetly to Eva…”Eva, I love you.”

Grandma is in town!!!

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