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Awakening A Sleeping Giant

I love being a creative. It’s something that I have pushed aside for some time. I’m not really sure where it went, or why it went away? Being creative can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I’m sure it had to do with raising two young kids and barely being able to breath some days.  I feel as though the foggy days of having babies and toddlers has lifted and I see the world a bit more creatively now. I have more time to day dream. I have more time to get my hands dirty with paint and not just diapers. My photography website and personal blog has been limping along. I’ve tried to bring it alive here and there with a new logo or color scheme, but it didn’t change what was going inside of me. I’ve had a few good heart to hearts with myself about where I want to take my creativity. I have Lindsay Letters to thank for bringing what has been in my head all of these years to life. She created my website design and I couldn’t be more thankful that I found it. Her work is truly extraordinary! Seeing her work awakens something in me that has been asleep for way too long. Thank you for everyone who has limped along with me!

If you look around the WEBSITE you will find a few new things. Allow me to introduce you to them. Click on the links to learn more from the distributors themselves.

Snap Happy: offering classes to mothers who want to learn how to use their camera to take better photographs of their children.

PhotoBarn: photos printed on wood or burlap

Organic Bloom: unique, custom made frames

In home service: need help deciding how and where to hang your new photographs? We’ll help and even hang your products for you.

Video: Let us spend a few hours with your children/family filming and photographing to create memories that will come alive.

Studio: Our studio space is in the process of being built, but that isn’t stopping us from offering it to you as an option for your session.

Have fun looking around. I hope you like what you see. Can’t wait to hear from you to begin planning a photo session together!


Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge: Beautiful Ugly

This months Clickin’ Moms Monthly Challenge was to find the beautiful in ugly things. I kept putting this challenge off, waiting for something ugly to jump out at me as beautiful. That never happened. I decided to walk around the house and just begin taking pictures. As I photographed I realized there is a story behind every  mess.There lies the beauty. The stories that created these messes are what I will remember, yet I would never think to photograph them. What ugly things around your home hold beautiful stories? Continue on to LaShawns post to see her take on Beautiful Ugly.


A pile of dead flowers left on the deck. Leftover from a day working in the sun. My son was anxious to help. He told me while trimming this plant that I was a cool mom. He wants to spend time with me. He wants to help in his own way.


A vase full of flowers as a welcome home surprise. It means someone has keys to our home. Someone is welcome at any time. They want to bring us joy. A reminder we are loved and well cared for.


Friends gathered around our table. Good conversations were had. Laughter was shared. God’s work was celebrated. Hopes and dreams were revealed. Chocolate was consumed.

Clickin’ Moms Blog Circle: Close Up Portraiture

I don’t know if I have mentioned before that I am a member of Clickin’ Moms. It is a great online resource for photographers of any level. I am able to share my favorite pictures, ask for business advice as well as ask for critique. It’s a safe place to grow and be challenged as a photographer. A group of Clickin’ Moms members have joined a group called “Clickin’ Moms Blog Circle.” Each month we are given a challenge and we are to post it and leave a link to the next photographer to see how they interpreted the challenge. This month was Close Up Portraiture and this is my interpretation. Please make sure you check out Lacey Butler’s pictures over at her blog Lacey B. Photography.  Enjoy!


serving tray

I recently bought this red serving tray at Target… on sale!  Do you ever see something in a store or at a garage sale that you love but don’t purchase because it’s not the right color? Have you thought about spray paint? I try to use as little spray paint as I possibly can, but some things just need a good facelift and spray paint is the only tool for the job. This project used way more spray paint than I hoped though. I first tried hot pink. I thought it would be a cool contrast to the black coffee table and go well with the blue in our chevron pillows. Well, it looked like I grabbed it out of a 5 year old girls room. Not what I was going for. Then I tried gray. I couldn’t go wrong with gray, right? It was too dark and blended in too much. Then I chose white and I love it!! Anything you have spray painted lately? I’d love to see it!

My new cookbook that I love. I find myself reading it like a chapter book, a new concept for me. I can’t wait to try some of these delicious looking recipes. When I do, I’m sure I’ll post about it to let you know which have been some favorites.


I am so excited to introduce you to Marita and her business 29:11.

29:11 accessories are one of a kind pieces designed just for you!  Each item is produced and hand crafted in the USA.  No two items are alike, making each accessory as unique as you are!

This is Marita with her two adorable little boys. Yep, she made the hat and the flower in her hair.

Please take a moment to check out the 29:11 website and see all of the beautiful products that Marita makes herself. You can also like her business on facebook!

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