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Meet the Wilkersons and the Lawrences. These families met me at one of my favorite locations last fall for mini sessions. It was a cold yet gorgeous day!

meet the hoeschens

Meet the Hoeschen family. This little boy is exactly why I love photographing little kids.

He was shy at first, but as soon as I showed him a picture of himself he opened right up.

Thank you Kim for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.

high five for friday

Happy Friday Everyone! It’s been a pretty good week here, but now my oldest isn’t feeling well. I hate when my kids get sick, but I do love the extra snuggles!

Let’s link up with Lauren and the others celebrating Friday!


1. One of Soren’s best buddies invited him to see Santa at the mall with mac n cheese to follow. He’s pictured here telling Santa he wants a “snowflake ornament and a tall skinny tree.” Eva wouldn’t have anything to do with Santa.

2. I’m trying hard to cut back on “screen time” for the kids. These long dark rainy days makes it easy to curl up on the couch and watch tv or play with my phone. What do you with your kids to cut back screen time?

3. I finally started writing in Soren’s quote book.
So grateful my aunt sent this to me!


4. After 7 years I had my rings dipped. They look brand new!! So sparkly! Now I just need a good manicure to match.

5. I don’t really know why this is a highlight for me. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to these faces. They were so proud of themselves and just kept giggling about it after the fact.


Happy 42!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents.


Thank you for being an incredible example of marriage, friendship to each other and parenting.

Love you so much!!

High Five for Friday

Hello Everyone and happy Friday to you. I hope you had a great week, if not maybe this humble post will bring a little brightness to your week.


1. What is it about sleeping kids that is just adorable? Add a princess band-aid and it makes me melt. She pulled down the stocking hanger from the fireplace and cut her eye. Ouch!

2. Our mountain tree mid decorating. Our top lights have since burnt out. I think I need a bigger tree skirt too. 🙂

3. I love holiday pillows but hate storing them the rest of the year. So I made some covers out of cloth napkins from Target.

4. I made my first lasagna from scratch. I used Anne Burrel’s recipe. It was delicious! Next time I would add more sausage and cut the tomato sauce in half.  I forget how much I love to cook when I have the time and can completely focus on it.

5. Anyone else use the chocolate advent calendars? Its so hard for my kids to eat just one. I remember one year as a kid I hid under my bed and ate the entire calendar.

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