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18 months

Here is a little update on Eva who just turned 18 months.

She loves these boots. They used to be Soren’s, but I don’t really remember him ever wearing them. Eva chooses these, puts them on and throws a fit if you try to take them off. She’ll even walk around with one on if she can’t find the other.

Her favorite animal is definitely a cat. She could spot one a mile away and loves to pretend she’s a cat that sleeps on your lap.

I just love putting her in dresses. I think she likes them too.

Her babysitter once told me “Out of all the kids I nanny for, Eva is by far the messiest eater.”

She is learning to hold her own and put up with her older brother.

PIGTAILS! She is finally starting to sit still long enough for me to do her hair.

She is a joyful baby, but everything has to be just so for her to be that way.

She loves her jackets and sweatshirts. It’s odd to me that she won’t carry a blanket and would rather sleep with a sweatshirt in her arms.

I love this age, I really do. They can eat most foods, sleep through the night, communicate in some form or another and show some real personality. I have posted in the past a lot about her heath. I’m thankful to say besides her last stint with Staph in her feet, she has been doing really well. She continues to be SUPER clingy which on a lot of days is a real challenge for me (and Soren).  But I’m trying to enjoy it knowing she’ll want nothing to do with me some day. 🙁  I read over Soren’s 18 month post (you can read it here too) and it’s funny to see the difference and similarities in the two. They both love(d) their shoes. And bar bars, we don’t go a day without eating them in this house. Potty training?! Really? What was I thinking. Putting Eva on a toilet now has never even crossed my mind. As clingy as she is, she is super independent. She wants to do everything her way and like I said above, she is very particular. I love her hugs and her random kisses. I love her scrunch face. I love that when she gets so excited about something it sounds like she’s hyperventilating. I love how empathetic she is. I love that she calls herself  “Yeah Yeah.” I love that she doesn’t say yes, but rather “Uh Huh.” I love that after she wakes up from a nap she just wants to cuddle and sit with me for a while.

stool redo

I picked up this great little stool at Goodwill last week. Palm trees aren’t really my thing but I knew I could re-cover it. I just happened to have some fabric and leftover paint that went perfectly together. I spent no more than $10 on this total project and love the result.  (Don’t mind the wrinkly backdrop please. I snapped the photo quick between toddler meltdowns and lunchtime.)

snow day(s)

If you haven’t been watching the news than you may have missed that Western Washington just got a years worth of snow in one day.  It makes the midwest girl in me very, very happy. It is a little humorous that the entire half of the state shuts down for what would normally be just a mere inconvenience for most other states. However not a lot gets cancelled due to weather here.  There is never the threat of thunder and lightning ( I learned that my first week living in Washington after embarrassing myself in front of 30+ high school kids. While the kids were swimming it began to rain. I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Everyone get out of the pool. I don’t want anyone to get struck by lightning.”  No one moved a muscle but to give me, the new girl, strange looks like who is this crazy lady?) Anyway, when it does rain it never rains hard enough to bother anyone. See, Seattle weather isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. So it’s nice that things are forced to slow down a bit.





About a year and a half ago Sam and I went garage sale-ing together. The times I usually go looking for a good sale at someone else’s home I come out empty handed. I never know how people find such great things. This day we did really well. Maybe Sam is my good luck charm. Anyway, I was SO excited to come across a Krumkake iron just like this one. It was as if my ancestors who have passed were singing the Hallelujah chorus and shining their light down on this hidden Scandinavian treasure. With no price on the box I was nervous to ask the price. When she said $10, I didn’t even hesitate or try to bargain. I jumped on it before she changed your mind. (If you followed the link you saw that it retails for about $70). I was anxious to test out my first batch of this delicious treat. But time went on and it just sat in the box. For about a year I never touched it. I don’t know why. With Christmas approaching I finally worked up the nerve to try and please my great aunts and grandmothers. I wanted to make them proud. I enlisted the help of my 3 and half year old who quickly grew bored when he realized there would be no spatula to lick. I got a family recipe from my sister who in months prior had also made these for her son (she posted about it here.) When all was said and done we filled them with whipped cream and berries and they were a hit. I also packaged some and gave them to Soren’s teachers as Christmas gifts.

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