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food for the hungry

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Somewhere in the midst of organizing our pantry today I broke down in tears. The task of getting this organized has been a burden to me, something I haven’t wanted to do. It would take time and effort and there are other things I would rather be doing. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; the reminder of the current drought in Africa. People are walking hundreds of miles in search of food and losing loved ones of starvation along the way. And here I am too lazy to walk the 10 feet between counter and cupboards to sort my abundance of food.

I was watching the news last week and didn’t realize that my 3 year old son was watching as well. Pictures of the starving Africans and crying children were being displayed on the screen. Søren asked why the woman on tv was crying. I told him it was because she was sad that she didn’t have any food to eat. He quickly responded “We have food, we could just give them some of ours.” I wish it was that easy!


While donating money to this effort I was reminded of how great the tragedy of hunger is worldwide. Yes, even in your backyard. When I worked at Harbor Covenant I remember Mike Stelle drawing a target on the board. The center was local, the next ring out was state, the next ring national and the next ring worldly. This image came to mind. There will always be different areas of ministry that we need to aim for and sometimes we can/should aim to hit all of them.


Here are some places to donate if you are interested. I know there are many, many more organizations to donate through, these are just a few. Some websites have a “needs list”. Check that if you would like to give in more specific ways than money.


Food For the Hungry:  http://www.fh.org/component/content/article/144-landing-pages/1033

Unicef:  https://secure.unicefusa.org/site/Donation2?df_id=10481&10481.donation=form1&JServSessionIdr004=i6vsz28x24.app228b


Share Our Strength:  http://www.strength.org/


To find a food bank in your area:   http://feedingamerica.org/

Gig Harbor:   http://www.ghpfish.com/

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