May 2011 archive

golden hour

I love taking pictures as the sun is going down. Between dinner and bedtime, I rarely get out with my camera that time of day. As Søren and I were picking up toys outside, I quick grabbed my camera and made Søren pose for a few pictures.

mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day first and foremost to my beautiful mother. What an amazing woman she is. She has raised 4 children while opening her home to guests, parties and summer staff interns. If you have met her even just once you’ve probably received a birthday card from her. She’s creative and can make any dining room table look beautiful! After 20+ years she still hosts youth group at their home each summer. I love going home to find pictures of me and my family plastered on the front door as a welcome. She invited a family she didn’t know to stay in her home for almost a year while their youngest boy was in and out of the hospital receiving medical attention. She’s been the rock and support to my dad. She’s full of great advice and good quotes. She’s taken us all around the world and continues to travel. I’m thankful for all she has taught me and continues to teach me about life; “If you can read, you can cook. If you mess it up, order pizza. It’s about the company anyway.” I love you mom! Thank you for all you do and all you continue to do.

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